network - an ottawa based band

Network is a local Ottawa band that recently released their debut compact disc, _Take Time_. Many interesting things can be learned from the liner notes contained within the booklet that comes with the album.

Here are some of the pictures from the album liner notes that I haven't had time to integrate into the page yet.

If you're ever in Ottawa on a Thursday, you should stop by a little pub called Crackers (3071 Carling Ave - 820-5464) where Steve Casey plays every Thursday (and the odd special occassion).

While I really hate the idea of being "yet another under-construction web page," I'm afraid that's just what this is. At some point this page may get lyrics, and sound bites and a few scans - but what we have now is finally a start to all of this.

You can reach Network via email at, if you do contact them via email, please let them know that you got their address via this page. Thanks.

Glen McCready (